I’m Sorry, I Let You Down.

And it’s not even like I have a good “It was Soooo Unexpected” Excuse.

I just went to NY this weekend to visit the In Laws.

I also went to Brooklyn to see the ADORABLE neighborhood of my v, v good friend.

I now have some kind of extended pseudo-hangover that was certainly exacerbated by an excess of indulgent foods (bagels and lox, baked 4-cheese macaroni, edamame, tai snapper sashimi, tuna tartare, and doritos mix, respectively), my ears not popping from the plane still, a tiny smidge of family drama (TMI, I know), very good lychee-infused sake, and bewilderment due to an entire day composed of navigation and traveling.  I took the subways and Long Island Railroad by myself today.  Tiring.

I hate to leave it all hanging around like that, but have no fear!  The promises of V. Becks, Chloe S., and Pammie remain.

I also want to decide whether or not I can get behind LV tonight, because I’m still not sure.

See you tomorrow.  Lurve.


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