Pt. 2: So New! So Exciting!

The dulling of many of my favorites so far has created hypothetical (and, in some cases, editorial) space for some very impressive newbies!  My favorites, so far. . .

Sophia Kokosalaki


Um, boots.  BOOTS.

sophia-kokosalaki-f092sophia-kokosalaki-f093So, we all recognize that the whole studs-and-leather eighties comeback has certainly not died on the runways this season.  To digress for a moment, my mother still talks about what a time of prosperity the eighties were, and perhaps the designers are attempting to “speak those things as if they are” (another term of my mother’s).  Those influences have, for the past four seasons at least, been quite far-reaching, and often to the point of trashy interpretations.  What SK. has accomplished here, however, is profound and deeply desireable:  femininity.  These ensembles are, to me, the perfect balance of soft and hard, tough and sweet, structured and unstructured.  I lurve, loaf, LOVE the boots.  NEED THE BOOTS.

Elise Øverland



elise-f094elise-f095So, Elise gets my unofficial award for the very best stated source of inspiration:  sushi!

I’m all giddy – in a very, very self-indulgent way – over the first look:  the shiny mermaid green little cocktail dress with the studded sash. I adore the sophisticated, graphic pairings along with the crazy pageantial lamés and metallics. And, no, pageantial is not a word.  I made it up.  I think it needs to be one, don’t you?

Haider Ackermann

AKA “Be Still My Beating Heart”


That’s a jumpsuit…!

haider-ackermann-f093haider-ackermann-f095haider-ackermann-f096Zippers!  Embroidery!  Fringe!  Impeccable draping!  Thigh-high boots!

This collection perfectly satiated my deep and impulsive hunger for the gorgeously goth.  To get the full effect, you absolutely HAVE to go to and view it full-screen so that you can more easily see the AMAZING attention to detail.  Somehow, I am a firm believer that you can be a ridiculous maximalist, as long as it’s all in black.  Sadly, Rick Owens usually does it for me, and this season fell a bit flat in my eyes.  That said, I am so grateful to get to know Haider!  I went back to look at his earlier collections, and – excuse me – why have we not heard of this guy before?

Soon to Come!

Emanuel Ungaro:  Definitely Not for my Mimi Anymore.

V. Becks:  Surprising!

And My Own Personal Fashion Week Awards Show, Starring Pammie Anderson.


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One response to “Pt. 2: So New! So Exciting!

  1. JO

    love the shoulders on the red one. would wear that last suit in real life. gorgeous stuff.

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