A New Segment.

I have an urge.

The whole dressing other people thing is at a standstill.  I need to make over someone!  So I am starting a new segment.  Enjoy.

Icon:  Riff Randell

I was reminded of the other day of this movie I had seen about two years ago, one of my absolute favorites of all time.  Want camp?  Cheesily hilarious one-liners?  Joey Ramone looking creepy in a teenagers’ bedroom?  Look no further…


The heroine of the Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, Riff Randell (at left), is a colorful, irreverent, self-professed “Teenage Lobotomy” at Vince Lombardi High School.  Much to the dismay of the staff of Vince Lombardi High, Riff dances in the hallways to the Ramones in her headphones, causes Joey to magically appear in the setting of her choice, and inspires general Ramones-based havoc among her peers and, eventually, her authority figures.

Riff’s style is reflective of the movie:  saturated, sardonic, classically American, and a tad innocent.


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Cadet Jacket

Lim’s playful version of the Sgt. Pepper classic would have suited Riff as the perfect tribute to the most classic of rock and roll bands.  Plus, it would match her red pigtail-holders beautifully!

2. Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jean

She would have wanted us to think that they were once Joey’s.  The worn-in look would perhaps have given this a bit of believability.

3. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Vive La Rock T-Shirt

Rykiel’s  cartoonish-cum-real life vibe is perfect for Riff and her stated self-image.  “I’m a Rock and Roller!!”

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Skull Watch Necklace

A skull necklace would have loaned Riff a bit of street cred.  And a watch on the backside comes in handy to see how late you are for class!

5. Comme Des Garcons Long Embossed Wallet

Handbags wouldn’t have been Riff’s style.  When you’re jamming out everywhere you go, you can’t be bothered to think whether your purse is going to smack your BFF in the head.

6. Marc Jacobs Heart Cutout Flats

Riff wore her love of the Ramones on her sleeve, and with these, she could have worn them on her feet also.  An alternative to Converse, and more dance-friendly than heels, Riff would have adored these rainbow-colored numbers as a nice, match-y staple in her Rock ‘N’ Roll wardrobe.


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  1. This is so killa’. Sell Ad-space!

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