Day Twelve.

Part One:  The Pros.

I actually enjoyed my Mardi Gras this year.

I didn’t get very much parade in, which is favorable.  However, I stepped outside of Tommy’s Wine Bar on Julia Street this Saturday for a prosecco and a light when, much to my ecstacy, Joan Freaking Rivers rode on by like it was no big deal.  The pic I got was terrible, as it was on my phone.  I fumble a lot when I get excited.

We went to Blue Tomato for dinner, a place that is essentially a trailer with the best GD margaritas you’ve ever had the pleasure to down.  The menu is amazing, though I think that Garbage Can Nachos with the works (and I mean, the WORKS) and 2x fresh-squeezed drinks is more of a Jessica thing than a Jon one.

We went to Republic to see Trombone Shorty + Juvenile and it was quite amazing.  We never make it out to Republic, as it can be a random toss-up as to the crowd in attendance.  This time, it was just a good crowd of people who were clearly and simply all about a good time.  Just like any New Orleans gathering should be.

Well, except for that we are 95% sure that we spoke to that tall, mixed-race girl who is currently (did they have the finale?) a contestant on Top Chef, and she was doing that thing where she insisted she wasn’t that girl, and kind of being a bitch about it.  She was talking about how there are no good men anywhere, so we introduced her to some striped-button-down types and ran away.

I woke up with a pounding head and stinky, stinky hair (which I don’t know how I managed to accomplish, since Republic is non-smoking), along with – literally – Mardi Gras beads imprinted up and down my legs.


so I missed out on the fabulous REX BBQ that B&S put on, along with the annual bash that my kid’s SouthShore Grandma puts on annually.

However, after a short nap, I had an amazing time sitting on my girlfriend L’s porch, discussing babies and family and Canadian strippers.  Her shotgun apartment is instinctually New Orleans, but – unlike mine, sadly – it’s also successfully incorporated a very loungy Old-Hollywood girly vibe.  I’m in love.  I’ve never seen a rose-colored velvet couch used so appropriately.

Part Two:  The Cons (i.e. How I am Rethinking my Priorities Along with my Advantages)

As far as what has happened, I continue to waver between the decreasing sensation of bitterness and hurt, and an increasing sense of complete relaxation and relief.

I’ve taken comfort in the establishment of Ebay, since I have noticed items that are far more precious and far less expensive than that of the ol’ Liquidators, which never used to be the case pre-recession (yes, I’m one of those awful people who can’t help but take advantage).   Also!  The upcoming website (which is not opening in February anymore (damn), but in April instead), will be the official outlet for net-a-porter (!) with items up to 80% off (!!!) to start.  So, since my loyalty has clearly been jeapordized, along with that of my more staunchly allegiant friends, there are my alternatives.  To ease the pain.

I’ve also realized that, in the past, when I’ve truly become involved in my artwork, the fashion falls to the wayside just a bit.  It’s as though my self has a quota of expression or something, and either way of fulfilling it is just as satisfying to me.  I am sure that there is some way to integrate the two.  L and I spoke about creating an area to work in; perhaps it’s time to refocus upon the talent that has the most chance of leaving a delible mark, not the talent that is the most socially gratifying.


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