When the Going Gets Tough…

…the tough get indulgent.

Which is why I’ve spent my day napping with Jackson, transforming my bathroom into a makeshift hammam, refining my back room/closet/imaginary boutique/sanctuary, sipping soy mochas, and ebaying to my heart’s content.

Some of my finds, a few of which may/may not end up an actual purchase (I’ll keep you posted):


I think these would be heaven with past-the-knee hemlines, or a pair of black skinnies.

Now, I know that the Chloe Spring 08 line was certainly less than commercially successful, and it still boggles my mind as to WHY.

We received a few items from that season and they were sooo-ooo impeccable, and actually ran generously.


I mean.  Who wouldn’t want to stand blank-faced next to a grafittied wall in this number?  With a pair of classic Ray Bans?  Oh me.

I digress.  Let’s keep ebaying:


This canvas Stella Mc. will come in quite handy for holding seashells, keepsakes, dried rainforest leaves, and a luxe towel and caftan combo (this will be discussed in detail later) come this July.

Yeah, I already bought it.  Weak, weak, weak.  Half of the fun of a vacation is vizualizing and actualizing the ideal vacation wardrobe.

You can count on my next post being:  “In Anticipation of Puerto Rico”, because my mind has already wandered to that place.  And now I’m thinking sunglasses.  I’m scared these may be fakes:


But at 59.00, I’m not sure whether I care.  What a fantastic alternative for a round-faced girl wanting Ray Bans!

Now, after much thought, I have decided that I am dying for a vintage rhinestone collar necklace, a la Lanvin, to wear with my torn-edged Nation v-necks.  The concept behind this is dichotomy, and what better dichotomy


than a gaudily-rhinestoned ball-chain collar??

Speaking of sartorial:


It’s what every home needs.

Found by entering “multi-color” into a “Collectible Barware” search.  Isn’t that sweet?

No, seriously:


I neeeeeeed these for a Mardi Gras costume.  They’re so . . . Margiela/Hussy.

I see that this post is going downhill, it might be time to stop.  I think it’s time for a poopy diaper to be changed, anyway.


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